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Happy Valentines Day!

Today someone knocked on the door and I answered it. I knew the fed ex man was supposed to come by with a package to me from Pandrew. Anyhow, he gives me the box and its just a brown box. I am so eager to open it I just can't seem to muster the strength to do it. There was no indication of where the package was from either so that made it my excitement increase. haha
So as I open the box all I see is a shitload of bubblewrap. As I trudge through that theres a white box with a red band around it. As I take off the band I a little card falls and the card reads " A little late but hey"
I turn the envelope over to the card and I see a little apple symbol. open the box and BAM!
Its a 8GB Red ipod nano.
I have been wanting one, especially the red one forever. as I take the Ipod out of its casing and flip it out I notice it's engraved with the words,

Don't ever forget

how much I love you

It made me tear up a little because I was so happy that he put thought into it. :)