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Happy Valentines Day!

Today someone knocked on the door and I answered it. I knew the fed ex man was supposed to come by with a package to me from Pandrew. Anyhow, he gives me the box and its just a brown box. I am so eager to open it I just can't seem to muster the strength to do it. There was no indication of where the package was from either so that made it my excitement increase. haha
So as I open the box all I see is a shitload of bubblewrap. As I trudge through that theres a white box with a red band around it. As I take off the band I a little card falls and the card reads " A little late but hey"
I turn the envelope over to the card and I see a little apple symbol. open the box and BAM!
Its a 8GB Red ipod nano.
I have been wanting one, especially the red one forever. as I take the Ipod out of its casing and flip it out I notice it's engraved with the words,

Don't ever forget

how much I love you

It made me tear up a little because I was so happy that he put thought into it. :)

Jan. 28th, 2008

If you want to make God laugh. Tell him your plans. 
I demand more Cano in my life for this year. 
I love today very much.

It makes me think of the last time it rained and how beautiful everything was.


Jesse Lacey is my soundtrack for the day. So lovely and nice.

Right now Mimi has Enders Game and is flipping through it as if shes reading it. Shes so awesome. I love her so much. I know I say that a lot but its so true, thats why I say it so much. :)

Koi No Yokan

Koi No Yokan

ill update soon.
so many things on my mind. so many things happening. there seriously is not enough time.
I seen this online and I just had to post it here:

"There are two kinds of people in this world: People who love Journey ironically and people who love Journey genuinely. People who love Journey ironically are mostly leather-clad hipsters in second-hand vintage T-shirts, smoking cloves and hanging with strung-out androgynous she-boys outside used record stores. As for people who love Journey genuinely, they do so because of this song. Say what you will about Steve Perry but the man could sing.

"Don’t Stop Believing" is in many ways the ultimate Journey song, packed to the gills with the staples of '80s rock. It includes vague references to singing in bars, drinking, cheap perfume, taking your chances, livin' in the city, romance at midnight, a jaded city boy, a lonely small-town girl, and a mysterious train whose destination, one assumes, is rock 'n' roll.

This isn't my favorite Journey song but it is, well, awesome.

Shannyn loves Journey genuinely. I love that she's going to walk down the aisle to this song. Good choice. :)


Lets do the mash! the monster mash!

Zombie Prom is tonight. It should be fun. No wait, its going to be fun! :) Anyhow I wish Davey could go but I think he has bad case of something. ;). You better go next year Davey or Ill pretty much kick your ass. I just remembered that I was supposed to box your ass. Never got to though. :(
okay here are some things:


( I love big pictures haha)


3. Sister, I fear the world for you. Be weary of the man that bites his tongue for his secrets are the worst.


Im back on my adam kick!

I love my job. But the thing I hate about it is seeing how dysfunctional most families are. Young parents being mad.
Old parents being mad. Just goes to show that you're never really ready for a child. Just maybe more ready and better off at times to have one than others. They get mad because they want you to make them look all happy. I can't MAKE you look happy you just have to be happy. They like their pictures in black in white. So their look is more pensive looking than unsatisfied.
My favorite age group to take pictures of is newborns. So innocent and unknowingly and unwillingly entering into a world of so much.
I wish I could just do everything like photojournalism style.
I hate dressing people up to make them look like they are something/one they are not. Just be yourself and let me capture your beauty.