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where the hell have I been?

Well, I am posting from my phone. so much has happened I wouldnt know where to begin. And even if I DID begin it still would not be able to end it. All I have to say is that despite my situation I am happy with myself. With who I am and how much ive grown and prospered as of late. I wish I could say the same of someone else but I can not. I feel like I need to cut off one of my friends. Shes so needy and high maintenance it really does wear me down. :/
I feel like my heart is gonna explode.
There are a few things that are too good to be true in this world. Like real love and good food.
First off, I am soo proud of America for getting off their asses and voting.
I am so proud of my country right now! I was shaking and crying. People in my complex were shouting, celebrating and honking their horns. This is amazing. I am so proud of Obama! I just don't know what to say. Thank you to Davey and Trea for being an ear for me. I love you both very much! We muist go and celebrate this weekend Davey! Oh yes, and Erika! :D 

I really forgot how much I loved to bake. I don't know. It calms a lot of the thoughts in my mind. Now all I want to do is bake. It is even more fun for me because Mimi "helps" me out.  She gets very excited and it warms my heart. But she didn't want to lick the spoon so it confused me a bit. I mean, what kid turns down that offer. Well I guess I know what I will be doing this weekend. 
These kind of things are just so easy when you're not competing. You make yourself feel as if you're the only one. But that doesn't make you much better than everyone you criticize. Fantastic and daring you are not. I wish she'd just be herself instead of trying to make people jealous. Realize who you are. 
I feel a lot of change coming within the next few weeks. But it's okay. Because I know what it is and it is just what I need. I have so much I wasn't to say but feel, what is the point in saying it?
Anyhow, yesterday I scored Super Smash Bros. for $4. It is the original one for the 64. It was so great playing it again after all this time. I don't know why but I feel like I like Melee in some ways more than Brawl. Not completely but just in some ways. Once I played Davey on wifi and totally kicked his ass. But I don't think he knew it was me. haha I think he thought I as Andrew.


You and I are a Gang of Losers

I love this man with all of my heart. He has gone through a lot within the past year. When he sat back to actually look at things instead of just being upset and sad all of the time he realized many things. He connected things that didn't make sense. Saw people for who they really were. Appreciated so much more.  Loved me much more than I thought he could, tempted me more times than I can count. I am glad we still tempt each other and say no and yes. He is much more lively and is this brand new whole person while still being himself. I am so proud of him and hope that he continues to be happy and grow. They way he is meant to.


Okay. Let me see... What year is it.... 2008 I believe. So tell me why people still have shotgun weddings. And no, I will not accept the, "but I do not want my spawn to be born into a relationship where I am not married." So you would rather have them be born in to a facade that was created simply because you did not want to look bad. What if the relationship is loveless?  It just irks me beyond all. Especially since the person is 2 years older than I am and has another kid from someone else whom she tried to marry. But really, all she wants is to be with someone because she has no real identity herself. Which is sick and sad. I have had many problems with this person in the past but since I am with Andrew I have no choice to be around this person. But that doesn't change the fact that I think it is rather sad.
You should marry someone because you both are in an awesome great standing relationship. love each other, are friends as well as lovers. Not just because you are looking for a man on the prowl and happen to find one that is dumb enough to go along with it. Especially since they both have not experienced any of the real world. It just makes me sick and bothers me especially because Andrews mom is trying to pressure me to "Go to Vegas and just get married" like her daughter did. Umm no, I am just not ready for that and neither is he. Maybe 6 months, maybe next year, maybe 10, maybe never. The point is, why would you encourage your kids just to get married because they knocked some broad up (even if Andrew and I have been together for a few years now), or they are the one that got knocked up. Would you not want your kids to marry for love and because that particular person is right for and good for them?
Anyhow, thanks for listening LJ, I love you. and none of this probably makes sense but whatever.


The only thing different about you was me.